With correct preparation and application by experienced
professionals your asset will be protected for years to come.
Poor preparation and application and you will be facing
significant premature maintenance costs and down time.


Rudolphs have completed countless successful projects for many customers since 1971. We have the experience, qualifications, knowledge and passion to undertake any coating project in Northland, New Zealand and beyond. 

Metal Spraying

Metal Spray (Thermal Spray or Metallisation) a process where metal is melted and spray applied to a prepared substrate for protection from corrosion and / or erosion. Almost any metal can be utilised as a coating, from zinc and aluminium to high grade stainless steel. Alloys of multiple metals can be utilised for tailored solutions.

In harsh chemical processing facilities metal spray is often the only option for protecting internal surfaces vessels, distillation columns, chemical storage tanks and boilers. Aluminium metal spray (Thermal Spray Aluminium or TSA) provides far superior protection from Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) than traditional paint.

Galvanising (applying pure zinc metal to a steel surface) by Metal Spray has many benefits over traditional Hot Dip Galvanising.

  • Unsightly Drain holes are not required
  • Heat distortion is not an issue
  • Thickness can be tailored for added protection even to specific areas of an individual item
  • Masking is possible if specific areas are to remain uncoated. Eliminating the need to fully dismantle the item being galvanised
  • Unsightly runs and drips are eliminated.
  • Metal spray can be over coated for added protection, aesthetics or identification without the need for further preparation
  • Alloys of metals such as Zincalum (a blend of zinc and aluminium) can be applied if zinc alone is not suitable for the environment
  • There is no size limit for the item being coated

Concrete Protection

Through our association with Pacific Concrete Protection we have developed the expertise to successfully complete coating projects on concrete substrates.

For the preparation, repair and coating application to concrete in waste water treatment plants, dairy sheds / dairy processing plants to commercial building floors, water proofing and swimming pools we have it covered. 

Paint and Intumescent Fireproofing

Rudolphs are approved applicators for all the major protective coating suppliers in New Zealand. We understand the importance of following specifications and manufactures recommendations and have a reputation for getting it right first time. We’ve successfully completed numerous Intumescent Fireproofing applications.

For protective coating projects on structural steel, commercial marine, Industrial and high end marine Rudolphs are the obvious choice. If completing your project safely, on time, to budget and to the required standard is important to you contact Rudolphs.