Our reputation for quality sees us completing a variety projects
both large and small for a variety of clients. If you want to see
what we can achieve please refer below to recent and current projects.

Ariane of Stockholm

We Kathe and Bengt Salbro living onboard our sailing boat s/y Ariane of Stockholm, have sailed from Sweden to Whangarei, New Zealand.
When it was time to haul out, we looked at the different places to go and found that Dockland 5 was a good choice. It was not too far from the city and could provide a vast variation of companies with marine experience close to the yard.

Due to that we first of all needed to clean the bottom thoroughly and get new antifouling, we asked our Swiss friend Herbert staying at Riverside Drive Marina where he went to have his keel blasted and painted (he was very satisfied with what had been done) and his comment was: Rudolphs, they know what they are doing! Further more, they are as close to Dockland 5 as they can be - they are neighbours!

We stayed at Rudolphs and had the bottom blasted totally clean to get new epoxy and antifouling. It was 24 years since the boat got painted and still, the steel hull is in very good shape. It surely pays off to have it done by professionals and at Rudolphs, they are definitely professionals! We also took the opportunity to do some touch ups on the top side. We are very pleased with the result.

During our stay with Rudolphs, we have only good memories and all the staff is very kind and helpful.

McConnell Dowell

Lower Hatea Bridge Project
Being chosen as the approved contractor to provide specialised blasting, arc-spray and coating applications on site at the Lower Hatea B ridge Project for McConnell Dowell has been a challenging and rewarding project for Rudolphs.

Being able to contribute to such an iconic NZ project in our own town, over our own river is not only testament to our capacity and capability but is a testament to the very heart and soul of our commitment to Northland.

Refining NZ

Point Forward & Te Mahi Hou Projects
Rudolphs supplied kilometres of pipework that was abrasive blasted and coated in our Ruakaka yard as part of Refining NZ’s two most recent significant projects.

Subcontracting to South Pacific Industrial Ltd and Culham Engineering, Rudolphs also supplied on-site crews for touch up and site work on the Point Forward project.


Rudolphs subcontracting to Ship Repair NZ was involved from the very first stage of this new build project for the Sealink Ferry “Seabridge”.

Commencing with preparation of black steel plate in late 2012 to completion of all coatings for the fully constructed vessel both inside and outside, the Rudolphs Team assigned to the project are proud to have been the chosen coatings applicator.

Rudolphs completed all the abrasive blasting work and applied approximately 5500L of Akzo Nobel’s International Paint Coatings range of various high performance products over the 9 month painting programme.

Whangarei Engineering

Countdown Waiheke Project
“Rudolphs Ltd have had a long and successful relationship with Whangarei Engineering providing coating services in the marine and infrastructure sectors. Their reputation for consistent excellence in delivery whilst maintaining a strong focus on customer service and health and safety is well earned.”

“Their team were key contributors to the success of the recently completed Countdown Waiheke Project being delivered to our client’s expectations. We wish Rudolphs Ltd every success in their future endeavours and look forward to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship.”

Ian T Hendrikse
Managing Director - Whangarei Engineering

Department of Conservation

Cape Brett Lighthouse
One of our more challenging projects was the Cape Brett Lightho use. The substantial upgrade undertaken by DOC included repairing and repainting the lighthouse and the lighthouse cottage and tidying up of the general site.

Nearly 50 tonnes of material was barged and helicoptered to the lighthouse, four tonnes of garnet to blast off the old paint, plus a team of 12.