Health & Safety

Healthy People in a Safe and Productive Workplace
"Safety is our business as we operate in high risk
and dangerous environments." 

2016 Vision

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Rudolphs have successfully incorporated Safety into their day to day business operations by identifying Health and Safety Performance as part of a critical business strategy.

Wayne and Caroline Erceg believed that if we got Health and Safety RIGHT this would have a flow on impact into ensuring other business and workplace processes also succeeded.

By focusing on training as the vehicle to achieve this we have noted positive changes in the Safety culture within the organisation. We have seen significant improvements in Incident and Accident results, number of lost time injuries.

  • We have a well documented Health and Safety Manual that is reviewed annually.
  • We have an established Safety Committee that meet quarterly.
  • We complete Hazard ID processes on a daily and ongoing basis as our environment and jobs change regularly.
  • We provide all the PPE that our staff need.
  • We encourage and promote ongoing training and refresher training.
  • We self-audit with a new focus based on the 8 Critical Elements of Health and Safety Management.
  • We have maintained Tertiary Accreditation through the ACC WSMP Programme - since 2008. Currently valid to October 2016.
  • We have a passionate commitment to Safety and Safety Training via Safetrades Northtec.

Rudolphs are proud to be associated with our primary trainers: Safetrades Northtec